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April 20, 2017

Flex-A-Bed adjustable beds relieve back pain for a great nights sleep

lower back pain

Lying completely flat on your back is uncomfortable if you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer with lower back pain.

In case you are not familiar with them, we’d like to introduce Flex-A-Bed. This manufacturer of luxury adjustable and high-low beds is located in LaFayette, Ga. Flex-A-Bed is one of the few companies who still build each one of their bed frames and mattresses by hand. Flex-A-Beds are proudly made in the USA, just like they were when they were founded in 1969.

All of Flex-A-Beds products are backed by an industry-leading warranty which covers every design feature- even the mattress! Their warranty is even transferable. If you sell or give the bed to someone else, it still remains under warranty.

But why would you want an adjustable bed? Well first of all, for most of us, lying completely flat on a bed strains the muscles of the lower back and is just not comfortable. Secondly there are documented therapeutic values to sleeping in certain positions. Did you know…

  • Sleeping with your head somewhat elevated, and knees slightly bent takes the strain off the lower back and eliminates back pain.
  • Lying down with the head section flat, and the leg section elevated encourages blood flow to the heart and eliminates swelling to the feet and legs.
  • Sleeping with the head of your bed elevated relieves the uncomfortable symptoms of COPD, CHF and acid reflux.

One of Flex-A-Beds most popular styles is called the Value Flex, and as its name implies, it offers a real value price plus superior quality. The Value Flex price includes an innerspring mattress in your choice of firmness, the adjustable bed frame and 4 inch foundation. Whisper-quiet motors and easy to use remote control add to your sleeping experience.

Take a step up in luxury and consider the Flex-A-Bed Premier Bed.

Choose from hand-built Innerspring, Visco-Memory Foam, or luxury Latex mattresses in sizes twin through dual king. Option your Premier bed with dual wave massage for deep relaxation after a long day. Choose wired or wireless remote controls.

Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low

Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low

Finally, the Flex-A-Bed High-Low model includes the luxury mattress and massage options like the Premier bed. It also raises and lowers in the flat position as well as performing all the other adjustable bed functions. This is really handy for transferring into or out of bed, and elevating for caregiving needs.

So check it out! If you’re looking for a great night’s sleep- take a look at Flex-A Bed!

February 24, 2016

Product Spotlight: Pride Infinite Position Lift Chairs

Our customers frequently ask for guidance when it comes to purchasing a lift chair, particularly….

“What in the world does infinite position mean and why do I need that?!”


First, let me explain what it means. Infinite position chairs are electrically controlled with a wired remote hand control that lifts and reclines them with no effort on your part, save for the pushing of a button. What sets Infinite Position Chairs apart from 2 or 3 position lift chairs is the fact that they have two separate motors that individually control the backrest from the seat and footrest portion of the chair. The hand control has additional buttons allowing you to change the angle of the backrest up and down, and independently change the position of the seat and footrest using different buttons on the hand control. This can be really helpful in mitigating a number of physical issues, and allow for you maximum comfort when relaxing since you can really “fine-tune” the position of your chair.

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