February 24, 2016

Product Spotlight: Pride Infinite Position Lift Chairs

Our customers frequently ask for guidance when it comes to purchasing a lift chair, particularly….

“What in the world does infinite position mean and why do I need that?!”


First, let me explain what it means. Infinite position chairs are electrically controlled with a wired remote hand control that lifts and reclines them with no effort on your part, save for the pushing of a button. What sets Infinite Position Chairs apart from 2 or 3 position lift chairs is the fact that they have two separate motors that individually control the backrest from the seat and footrest portion of the chair. The hand control has additional buttons allowing you to change the angle of the backrest up and down, and independently change the position of the seat and footrest using different buttons on the hand control. This can be really helpful in mitigating a number of physical issues, and allow for you maximum comfort when relaxing since you can really “fine-tune” the position of your chair.

Next, let’s see if infinite positioning is a feature that would be right for you or your loved one. Are there any downsides? Well, yes there are. Infinite position chairs have more options for positioning therefore a more complex hand control is required. If the user of the chair has a difficult time dealing with electronic devices, or remembering how to use them, an infinite position chair may not be a good choice. In order to recline an infinite position chair completely, the chair must be placed a significant distance from the wall behind it. If the user’s environment does not have enough room to accommodate this, the feature will not be able to be used. Last, people suffering from certain conditions like CHF may not be able to lie in a flat position at all, so are really better off with a 2 or 3 position chair.

Specialty LC576 Infinite Position Lift Chair

Specialty LC576 Infinite Position Lift Chair by Pride Mobility

Now let’s look at the upside! If you suffer from lower back pain, reclining into a great back stretch feels wonderful. If you have swelling to the feet and legs (edema) reclining into the Trendelenburg position is ideal to help drain the lymphatic fluid from your lower extremities. This position elevates your legs and feet higher than your head and heart and is super effective in treating that condition. Plenty of people cannot sleep in a regular bed due to conditions like acid reflux or COPD, and so prefer to sleep in a partly inclined chair at night. Infinite position chairs give them a really wide range of comfortable, supportive positions to ease these symptoms.

Some Infinite position chairs offer special cushioning features as well, like the Pride Specialty LC-576 lift chair. That model incorporates a four cushion waterfall backrest each with its own zipper. Unzip the cushion(s) and you can personalize the firmness of the cushion by adding or subtracting fiberfill from the individual cushion to suit your preference.

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