March 28, 2016

Product Spotlight: the DayDreamer PowerPillow Lift Chair

Spinlife is excited to announce the launch of the DayDreamer PowerPillow Lift Chair by Golden Technologies!


Golden Technologies DayDreamer PowerPillow Lift ChairTaking comfort and adjustability to a whole new level, Golden Technologies has incorporated their exclusive PowerPillow™ headrest into a beautiful new design. The DayDreamer PowerPillow Lift Chair incorporates all the Maxi-Comfort technology, including Zero Gravity and Trendelenburg Positioning. Including the addition of a separately articulated headrest that operates at the touch of a button. The headrest can move out towards you, and up for greater support.

What a great idea! No matter what position your chair is in, you can electrically operate the headrest to achieve individualized, comfortable support for your head and neck.



This is a great choice for individuals who spend a lot of time in their chairs. Watching TV or reading? Move the headrest forward. Taking an afternoon nap? Move it back and up for great sleeping support, without tucking extra pillows all around.

Two motors independently control the backrest and footrest of the Daydreamer DayDreamer PowerPillow lift chair. All the benefits of being able to independently adjust the back and seat angle are included. Express buttons take you effortlessly to the Zero Gravity position giving an extra stretch to your back. The TV button puts you in a semi-reclined position, upright enough to read, watch TV or have conversation with your feet elevated.

The Trendelenburg Position position raises your feet and legs higher than your head and heart to help with circulation issues and to treat edema to the lower legs.

Of course, additional buttons allow you to make incremental adjustments depending on your personal preferences. Simply push a button to reach a perfect sleep setting.. With such great styling, its’ easy to forget the fact that the DayDreamer gets you to your feet at the touch of a button as well!

The Daydreamer PowerPillow lift chair is recommended for those between 5’4” and 5’10”, and under 375 lbs.  The fully padded chaise seat measures 21 inches wide, 19.5” deep and the seat to floor height is 20”. Available in three standard colors, and 5 custom upgrade fabrics, we know you’ll be able to find the perfect shade to suit your décor.

See for yourself, view the Golden’s DayDreamer PowerPillow Lift Chair video now!

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