April 25, 2016

Product Spotlight: The New LiteRider Mini Scooter

Compact travel scooter

Meet the new LiteRider Mini super-easy transportable travel scooter by Golden Technologies.

Spring is in full swing, leaving us ready to burst out of winter’s doldrums and celebrate the great outdoors again. That being said, if you are one of us who may need a little help when it comes to walking, Golden has come up with a great new option: the LiteRider Mini.

Like its big brother the LiteRider, the Mini sports tubular aluminum construction for lightweight strength that’s easy to handle and grip. Rubber grid floor mats replace the carpeting seen on many models, and makes cleaning a breeze. We love the fact that they have two storage baskets- one on the tiller, and a second basket under the seat, which is nice and secure. Speaking of the seat, they’ve upgraded the seat with an extra cushy seat overlay for your riding comfort.

Even though the LightRider Mini is only 37.75 inches in length, the extended floor boards give plenty of room for your feet on either side of the tiller. The model has three wheels, which gives it a super tight 36.5 inch turning radius for great maneuverability. It has 8 inch solid tires, and a 2.75 inch ground clearance to take you where you want to go with confidence. The weight capacity is 250 lbs, and comes equipped with 12 Volt 12 AH batteries. The top speed of the LiteRider Mini is 4 mph.

The Literider Mini is easier to handle than it’s big brother, too. When you take it apart to travel, the Mini breaks into 4 main parts, the heaviest piece weighing only 37 lbs. There are no wires to connect, or tools required- the pieces just snap together. The standard battery pack weighs only 16 lbs, and can be charged off or on the scooter.

Visit SpinLife.com to see all the details of this new great little travelling companion!

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