May 16, 2016

Product Spotlight: Liko power patient lifts by Hill-Rom

Power Patient Lifts can quite literally ease the strain of patient care in the home, yet you’d be surprised at how many caregivers don’t even know this product is readily available for homecare.

My experience in homecare began abruptly in 1987 when my completely healthy Father suffered a massive stroke from which he never recovered. To make matters worse, it affected his right side, and speech center. Both were completely gone, so while he survived the stroke itself, the long term effects were devastating. He was 70 years old and would never walk or speak again. My Mother, ever the devoted wife, was adamant that we would keep him home and care for him ourselves.

Power Patient Lift

Viking Patient Lift

Mom sold their house and had one built close to mine that would accommodate his needs and make it easier for me to help them. It was a ranch, had ramps, a roll in shower, hard surface flooring throughout to make it easier to get all the rolling stock around. I struggle to think of mobility equipment we did not have for Dad. Wheelchairs, lift chairs, commodes, rehab shower chairs, hospital beds, an hydraulic patient lift, you name it. Everything worked together pretty well, except that clunky hydraulic patient lift. I suspect that back in the day it was the only kind you could get.

It had a sling with loud clanking chains attached, and getting it under my 225 lb Dad was a challenge. If you did finally accomplish that, you had to go back around the other side of the lift and crank a handle back and forth to ratchet poor Dad up in the air one crank at a time. It was scary for him and scary for us. Even today Hydraulic lifts are the only type that Medicare pays for, and even then they rent them by the month. Unless you have two caregivers at all times, I don’t recommend them.

Power Patient Lift

Golvo Lift by Liko

Here it is 2016 and Spinlife offers top of the line Liko power patient lifts for use in the home. Operated with rechargeable lithium batteries, built with lightweight aluminum they make patient lifting safe and simple. Using the remote hand-control there is no need to leave your patient’s side while lifting them. There is no jerking motion as the patient is lifted. This builds a feeling of confidence and security for all.

Paired with high quality Liko slings that are designed for ease of application and patient comfort they make the lifting experience positive for the patient and caregiver alike. Most Liko power patient lifts will lift a patient from the floor. Some lift the patient to their feet. There is even one model that can do both.

Visit our complete selection of Liko powered patient lifts on our website today. Need advice?  Our awesome Product Specialists are standing by to help make the buying process easy.

Hang in there and God Bless-

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