February 2, 2016

Product Spotlight: Check out Pride’s new First Up Quick-Lift feature for Lift Chairs!

Pride Mobility First Up Technology for Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are really helpful for getting you up and out of your easy-chair with the touch of a button. No handles to pull, no need to push down on the footrest with your legs—the motor and remote hand control take care of all that for you. Designed for safety and comfort, the time it takes to go from fully reclined to fully standing is right about 36 seconds. Our customers just love their lift chairs, but a fairly common remark from your product reviews is,


“I just wish it would raise up a little faster!”


Pride Mobility listened to your comments and responded. Their new First Up Quick-lift technology cuts the cycle time in half! The option is offered on most of Pride’s popular lift chairs.

First Up Lift Chair Technology by Pride Mobility

Whether you need to answer the door, grab the phone across the room or dash to the restroom, get to your feet in 18 seconds. The movement of the chair is still smooth and quiet, the chair reclines at the same speed as usual, but the lift motion is 50% faster. First Up uses the electric hand control from your lift chair to control your lift and recline movements, but it gets you to your feet in half the time.

See How First Up Technology Works

Pride Mobility Heritage Lift Chair Series with First Up Technology
Pride Heritage LC-358
Serenity Series
Pride Mobility Elegance Series with First Up Technology
Elegance Series

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