February 15, 2016

Product Spotlight: Breezy Elegance Wheelchairs

Breezy Elegance Wheelchairs

Breezy Elegance wheelchairs make choosing easy! Choosing the right wheelchair, with the features that are “just right” for yourself or a loved one can sometimes be a daunting task, now Sunrise Medical has simplified the process..

Realizing this, Sunrise Medical developed a new series of “bundled feature” chairs and called it the Elegance line. What a simply great idea!

Starting with a lightweight aluminum folding frame, Sunrise Medical added great comfort and convenience features, and made them standard on all three of the Breezy Elegance Wheelchairs. Features like footrests that fold up, swing out, swing in, and remove completely. Adjustable height armrests with arm pads that can be turned back to front, making either full or desk length arms in a snap. The padded back upholstery is tension- adjustable to “give” where you need it, spoke wheels and quick-release axles are included at no charge. Each model even includes a Sunrise Medical Jay wheelchair cushion to complete the total package.

Sunrise Breezy Elegance WheelchairsYou can purchase the Breezy Elegance Silver, gold, or platinum wheelchairs, based on your needs and your pocketbook. The Silver Elegance comes standard with all the features explained above, and a 2 inch Jay comfort cushion. The Gold model adds height adjustable push handles with hand brakes on the back for caregiver convenience and safety. Thicker padded back upholstery, and a 3 inch contoured Jay cushion. Finally, the Platinum model includes all the features above plus a highly adjustable back cushion and 4 inch positioning seat cushion for total comfort. These lightweight chairs weigh in at just 32 lbs, and ship from the warehouse in just a day or two. The weight capacity is 250 lbs. and you can choose from either a 16’ or 18’ wide seat.

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