August 26, 2016

The Power of Powered Mobility

The power of power mobility

Power Mobility Empowers.

When it comes to mobility, every day without it is a day lost. Mobility empowers and liberates us. Mobility allows us to pursue education, family, career, and community – the aspects of life that we all want, need, and deserve.

Interestingly, everyone’s individual mobility needs differ for countless reasons, from specific condition to age. However, what’s wonderful is that there is a vast array of mobility products to help maximize one’s independence. In this wide realm of liberating products are motorized mobility products – or power mobility, as it’s often called – and its diverse applications are truly life-inspiring.

Power Assist Base

Power Assist Base

Power mobility can be as common as a scooter, as mid-range as a power chair, as complex as a custom rehab power chair, or as innovative as an add-on drive system for a manual wheelchair. All, however, result in the same outcome: personal liberation.


For those with balance, strength, or coordination issues, power mobility opens up the world. Literally, one can go from restricted mobility to freedom at the touch of a button. A trip down the sidewalk to the store that was once impossible may suddenly be effortless on a scooter. The thought of going back to school that seemed an unlikely dream due to limited mobility may suddenly be possible with a power chair. And, the struggle to push a manual wheelchair may be eased with an add-on power-assist unit.  Indeed, “adding power” can change lives in so many circumstances.

GT Lift chair TV


Of course power mobility doesn’t have to have wheels on it, and “motorized” mobility-related products enhance lives in other ways. A lift chair allows one to stand from a seated position, and a vehicle lift allows lifting a mobility product and take it on-the-go with an automobile. Indeed, motorized mobility products can enhance so many aspects of our lives. Victory 4 wheel scooter

In the world of mobility products, no one solution meets all needs. However, of those among us who may need a bit of a boost, a power mobility product can be awe-inspiring, helping add extra motion to our lives.

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