April 11, 2016

Product Spotlight: Meet the new NC-201 Lift Chair with wireless remote control

The newest innovation in lift chairs adds a wireless remote control.

The NC-201 Lift chair with wireless remote control comes equipped with both the easy to use wired hand control like the other Pride 3 position Lift Chairs, but adds a second convenience feature- a wireless remote control!

What would the benefits be to the user?

NC-201 Lift Chair with wireless remote controlWell, first of all, greater convenience. The small hand control is about the size of the remote on your car key, and is powered with a watch-type battery. It can be worn around your neck on the lanyard which is included, so it is not misplaced. When you are seated and want to change positions, there is that little remote right in your hand to do so. If you are reclined and the doorbell rings, just grab that remote to stand you up! No fishing around to find your hand control, your remote is right there with you.

Having the wireless remote also provides greater safety. Many people who use lift chairs begin by having their chair in the lifted position, backing up to it and allowing the chair to ease them down to a seated position. This is especially so with those who otherwise just sort of “drop” into a chair unless they have that assistance. By having the wireless remote control with you, when you return to your chair, you can easily place it in the lifted position without having to lean over and locate the hand control.

Of course the NC-201 Lift chair is super-plush as well. Available in three plush velvet colors, the NC-201 has a softly contoured and overstuffed pillow back design for superb comfort. There are also three sizes available, small, medium and large to all a great fit no matter what your stature. And rest assured the standard hand control is also included. It even includes a built in USB port in case you want to charge your mobile device.

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