May 26, 2016

Great Accessible Getaways

Thinking about great accessible getaways? Travel season is here, and for those of us who use mobility products, choosing a travel destination isn’t just about where we wish to go, but… alas… how accessible is it?

Ideal destinations for travelers using mobility products have three vital traits: overall accessible architecture, readily-available accessible transportation, and… of course… great attractions. However, finding all three is tricky, so let’s look at a short list that may narrow down the process, with a varied selection of tastes in mind.


Las VegasGreat Accessible Getaways

Sin City is also Wheel City, ranking arguably as among the most accessible vacation destinations. From never having to wait for an accessible cab – they’re everywhere! – to an entirely accessible architectural infrastructure to the best accessible hotel rooms, Vegas knows mobility. A misnomer is that Las Vegas is for gambling and other indulgent activities. However, the Las Vegas Strip over the past decade has evolved into a bit of a family affair, full of shopping, restaurants, and amusement rides. With themed hotels, stage shows galore, and attractions for all ages, Las Vegas truly is a family destination. Gambler or not, if you’re looking for fun times, you’ll be on a roll in Vegas.


Vancouver, B.C. Great Accessible Getaway

Just over the Washington state border, Vancouver, British Columbia, is among the most beautiful and wheelchair accessible cities you’ll ever visit. Whether you’re looking for scenic coastal beauty or metropolitan flair, Vancouver, B.C., is a stunning city. There’s the Vancouver Aquarium, Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver Art Gallery, and Science World – great attractions.  Then, nature abounds with both accessible coastal and wilderness parks. And, let us not overlook that Vancouver, B.C., has among the world’s finest cuisine, from seafood to virtually every ethnic delight imaginable.

New York CityGreat Accessible Getaway

The Big Apple isn’t a city you’d typically see on a list of wheelchair accessible getaways; however, it’s made so much progress in recent years, it should be on every wheeler’s travel list. From accessible taxis to curb cuts to easy rolling around the boroughs by sidewalks, there’s stunning beauty at virtually every turn. Imagine rolling across the Brooklyn Bridge, strolling Central Park, shopping Times Square, or going to the top of Rockefeller Center or the Empire State Building. And, if those don’t have you awestruck, there’s always a Broadway show to catch, or jump in line to be in the audience of any number of television shows. Among the best parts of NYC is strolling the boroughs, from the urban upcoming of Brooklyn to the quirky quaintness of Greenwich Village. Many establishments are accessible, while others have steps – it’s hit-and-miss in the neighborhoods. However, here’s the awesome part of New York City accessibility: simply ask the establishment for access, and you’ll be amazed at how many have a secret entrance or portable ramp. Best of all, New York City is one of those destinations where you need no agenda – roll out the door and see where the sidewalks lead you.


London Great Accessible Getaways

The iconic song, “London Calling,” must have been meant for wheelers, as it’s among the most wheelchair accessible international travel destinations. In fact, London lead the way in accessible taxis, where their “black cabs” with pull-out ramps truly innovated inclusive taxis. And, it’s with a black cab that you can go see such accessible famous venues as Shakespeare’s Globe, Buckingham Palace, and the National Gallery. Of course, it is London, where the to-do’s are endless, with a remarkable amount of accessibility.


Pack Your Bags – and Your Wheels

Traveling with a mobility product can raise questions and concerns. However, by picking a travel destination that’s proven accessible, you can do what everyone does on vacation – enjoy every minute of it!

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