May 2, 2016

Giving Mother the Gift of Go

Give mom the gift of Go

Make memories with your Mom

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I would like to encourage you all to make memories with your Mom. Keep her as healthy and happy as possible.  If her mobility is not what it used to be, don’t let that stop you.  Consider giving your Mother the GIFT OF GO this Mother’s Day.

I have wonderful memories of my mother. Having only lost her a year ago, many of those remembrances are glazed over with a bit of sadness. But there are many, many happy thoughts as well.

When she was young and strong her life was a gift to those around her. She was a nurse with a special gift to love and care for the elderly.  She was a mother that was involved in the lives of her children. She hosted youth events for our school clubs in our modest home. Barely fitting everyone in but making all feel welcome.  She and my Dad were youth leaders in our church and I believe they made eternal differences in many of those kids. She was a faithful wife. Always supportive of my Father and close to his side always.

A few years after my father passed she came to live with my family and me. We had almost ten enjoyable years together before her health began to fail.  As odd as it seems I can remember certain stages by what medical equipment we had for her.

She first required a cane for balance due to dizziness. Eventually, she began falling as her legs became weaker.  This advanced to the need for a rolling walker then a power wheelchair.  Boy was she a force to reckon with in that chair!

It was such a joy seeing her drive around in that chair instead of being confined to bed. We would go outside and sit in the shade. Sometimes the grandchildren would come and she could watch them play.  And there was the time my sister and I took her to the mall and could hardly keep up with her.  Without powered mobility these experiences would not have been possible.

So why not give your Mother the GIFT OF GO this Mother’s Day? Our family of Go Go Scooters is just the ticket. They are affordable with a variety of options to suit every travel scooter need.  They dissemble easily and fit in the trunk of even a small car.  For even greater ease SpinLife also has a variety of carriers and lifts for your vehicle to make transportation a breeze.

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In loving memory of Arculla F. Olson

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