March 7, 2016

Down the sidewalk and beyond with a scooter


Get Outside With a Scooter.

Having a mobility issue shouldn’t steal away the things you enjoy in life. At SpinLife, we get that and we want to do all we can to help you continue to enjoy your life.

Victory 10 LX with CTSAs I sat at my computer contemplating this subject I took a phone call from a gentleman who wanted to get outside with a mobility scooter. He expressed to me that he just wanted to get out in his yard into his garden and spend time outside with his dogs. He can no longer walk but is not ready to give up his loves…the outdoors and his pets.

Whether you want to work in your flower bed or go down to the pond for a little fishing you should be able to do so in a safe manner! Fortunately, there are many full sized and all terrain scooters that were designed with those purposes in mind.

So, when would you want to consider a full size or all terrain scooter?

  1. If your weight exceeds the limitations for a smaller scooter.
  2. If you need to drive across the yard, gravel or other uneven terrain.
  3. If you travel longer distances.
  4. If you still like going out into nature or bounce around the farmland!

Full size scooters have a weight capacity of 300 lbs. or more. They normally have at least 10” wheels. Some have solid tires and some are pneumatic for a smoother ride. Many have suspension, full light packages and sleek styling. You will enjoy a longer drive range on the larger batteries.

Cobra GT Scooter



From the dependable Victory 10 by Pride Mobility to the sporty Cobra GT by Drive Medical you can go most anywhere you want.






King Cobra 4 Wheel

Want to kick it up another notch? Take a look at this recently released beauty by Drive Medical. It is the King Cobra and boasts a 35 mile drive range, speed up to 11 mph, built in cup holder, an on-board USB port and more!

A scooter can do so much more than take you on that trip to the doctor’s office. Widen your horizons; get out and about in your community. Get yours and take it where YOU want to go!

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