March 11, 2016

Time to Spring Forward on a new set of wheels!

As a Product Expert at SpinLife, I receive calls from our customers who are so excited after trying out their new mobility scooters. They tell me how great it is to be able to go shopping or out to the park on their own. And they wonder why it took them so long to decide on getting their mobility scooter!View More:

What about you?  Have you decided that a travel mobility scooter might be right for you? If so, here are some things to think about.

In order to get the best service and life from your mobility travel scooter it is important to select a product that suits your body style and physical limitations.

The weight capacity of the mobility scooter should be above your body weight. If you are too heavy for your scooter you will get poor performance from the batteries and the motor is likely to wear out too soon. If you have long legs there are models that will be more comfortable for you than others.

featuring Delta tiller Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter with a Delta tiller would be better for you if you have weakness or loss of use in one hand.  The Delta can be operated with one hand. If you have difficulty bending over, choose a product that can be charged from a port on the tiller.

Where do you plan on using the mobility scooter?

If you need a scooter inside your home you may consider a three wheel travel model.  They turn more sharply and make it easier to go through doors and around furniture.

Four wheel models are more stable than three wheels. If you have any concerns about “turning over” a four wheel version would be best for you. Consider a four wheeler if you are going to be driving in your yard or   other rough terrain (such as gravel or broken side walks) If you have balance or coordination issues, the four wheel is your best bet.

Enjoy the longer days on the go, and take your wheels with you!

Travel mobility scooters disassemble into five pieces (including the front basket) and can be taken with you to the store, doctor’s office or just about anywhere else you need to go.  My husband and I put his 4 wheel travel scooter in the trunk of our Chevy Cruze!

When disassembled, the heaviest piece of the scooter is the front end of the chassis.  The weight of this piece may range from 28 pounds to over 50 pounds.  Be sure you know what the heaviest piece is and that you or someone helping you can lift that much weight.

Please consider how far you will be driving your scooter at a time.  Many of the travel scooters have a battery upgrade option (some even come standard with larger batteries) so you can go further on a charge.  If you plan on all day trips be sure to get a larger battery

That is a lot to think about isn’t it?  Don’t you worry!  You don’t have to figure out every detail on your own. That is what the SpinLife Products Experts are for…to guide you through the process of determining what is best for you.


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