May 24, 2016

Gel Wheelchair Cushions and their benefits

Gel Wheelchair Cushions are a great option to improve your comfort and more!

As you probably know, if you spend longer than an hour or two in a wheelchair you should definitely be seated on a cushion of some sort to relieve pressure, and make you more comfortable. A cushion is a necessity, not a luxury!

JAY Union Gel Wheelchair Cushions

Jay Union Gel Wheelchair Cushion

Gel Wheelchair Cushions are intended to help relieve pressure on your ischia’s (sit- bones) coccyx (tail bone) and the back of the thighs. Relieving pressure in those areas is so important for two reasons:

Gel Wheelchair Cushions

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First, because pressure related skin break-down occurs from the inside out. The ischia’s and the coccyx are pressing against your muscles and tissue as you sit for prolonged periods. That pressure results in soreness and redness to begin with, and will progress to actual pressure sores if it’s not taken care of. Nobody wants that to happen, so take measures to relive the pressure using a Gel Wheelchair Cushion as prevention of pressure sores.

Next, Gel Wheelchair Cushions can help you with your posture. A common complaint among wheelchair users relates to back pain, leg pain and muscle strain after sitting up in a wheelchair for too long. A Gel Wheelchair Cushion can offer positioning benefits if you choose one with contoured construction, intended to help you sit straight and square in your chair. Some gel wheelchair cushions also offer advanced positioning options such as foam wedges or build-ups to allow you to tailor the contours to your own body shape.

Gel Wheelchair Cushions come in many sizes, so it is extremely important to choose the right size for your wheelchair. Measure your chair from side to side from the outside edge of the seat upholstery to the outside edge of the seat upholstery on the other side for your first measurement which is the seat width. Then measure front to back, along the side rail to get the seat depth. Take also into account your positioning needs. If you are able to get in and out of your chair to shift your weight, a flat gel wheelchair cushion may give you the comfort you need and protect you from skin breakdown. If you are not able to reposition and shift your weight, then select from the skin protection and positioning cushions to help you keep a correct posture.

Another consideration is your weight. It is important to check the weight capacity of a Gel Wheelchair Cushion and make sure that you do not exceed the recommended weight. The gel bladders inside can rupture and break open if it is not adequate to support you, so check the specs to be sure!

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