July 12, 2016

Four easy steps to a safer bathroom

The statistics are true, one-third of all accidents take place inside the home, and most of those occur in the bathroom. Take these four easy steps to a safer bathroom.

Four ways to a safer bathroom

Popular Bath Safety Options

The combination of wet, soapy surfaces, lots of obstacles and reduced visibility all add up to an environment that is not very user-friendly at all! Let’s take the opportunity to discuss the four easy steps to a safer bathroom.

The typical bathroom has a cold, hard tile floor so the first thing we do is place lightweight scatter rugs all around the room to keep our feet warm and comfy.

The problem with this is that scatter rugs are a real trip hazard! Catch your foot on the edge of the rug and down you go, right on the hard tile floor. Take up those rugs, and make it a policy to wear slippers that have a grip-type sole in the bathroom. Use a bathmat only as you exit the tub or shower, and make sure it has a non-skid backing as well.

Soap makes everything slick, and if you are still using bar soap, consider the number of times that soap slips out of your hand while bathing. There you are, bending over double to try and regain control over that scoundrel! Eliminate that risk by switching to liquid soap, preferably in a pump-style bottle. Just pump some on your washcloth and make your bath a whole lot safer. Use a rubber bath mat with strong suction cup grips to help keep your footing in the tub or shower, too.

Four easy steps to a safer bathroom

Rubber bathmat with suction cups

Four Easy Steps to a Safer Bathroom

Grab Bar

Locate grab bars in strategic places around the room. Obviously, at least one sturdy grab bar-waist high in the tub or shower stall to steady yourself while bathing. Another placed vertically at the tub/shower exit to hold onto while getting in and out. Is there a place either directly across from or next to your toilet to help you get seated or stand back up from the seat?


Four Easy Steps to a Safer Bathroom

Locking Raised Toilet Seat with Arms


Many people find a raised toilet seat to be helpful as a higher seat makes it easier to stand. If there is nowhere to locate a grab bar close to the toilet, a safety frame can fill the bill.
Reduced visibility? Definitely. Even in daylight hours a steamy shower makes it hard to see in the bathroom, plus it coats everything (including your glasses) with that nice, wet steam. Remember, slippers, grab bars, no scatter rugs?



At night when we get up and walk to the bathroom, we don’t want the shock of turning the lights on. The problem is we can’t see, so that’s a prime time for falls as well.

Purchase inexpensive nightlights at the home improvement store and get the type that automatically come on when it gets dark. Locate them in outlets along the path you take from your bed to the bathroom as well as inside the bath itself for greater safety at night.

These four easy steps to a safer bathroom don’t cost a bundle, and you’ll make your home a safer place to live for years to come!

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