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April 20, 2017

Flex-A-Bed adjustable beds relieve back pain for a great nights sleep

lower back pain

Lying completely flat on your back is uncomfortable if you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer with lower back pain.

In case you are not familiar with them, we’d like to introduce Flex-A-Bed. This manufacturer of luxury adjustable and high-low beds is located in LaFayette, Ga. Flex-A-Bed is one of the few companies who still build each one of their bed frames and mattresses by hand. Flex-A-Beds are proudly made in the USA, just like they were when they were founded in 1969.

All of Flex-A-Beds products are backed by an industry-leading warranty which covers every design feature- even the mattress! Their warranty is even transferable. If you sell or give the bed to someone else, it still remains under warranty.

But why would you want an adjustable bed? Well first of all, for most of us, lying completely flat on a bed strains the muscles of the lower back and is just not comfortable. Secondly there are documented therapeutic values to sleeping in certain positions. Did you know…

  • Sleeping with your head somewhat elevated, and knees slightly bent takes the strain off the lower back and eliminates back pain.
  • Lying down with the head section flat, and the leg section elevated encourages blood flow to the heart and eliminates swelling to the feet and legs.
  • Sleeping with the head of your bed elevated relieves the uncomfortable symptoms of COPD, CHF and acid reflux.

One of Flex-A-Beds most popular styles is called the Value Flex, and as its name implies, it offers a real value price plus superior quality. The Value Flex price includes an innerspring mattress in your choice of firmness, the adjustable bed frame and 4 inch foundation. Whisper-quiet motors and easy to use remote control add to your sleeping experience.

Take a step up in luxury and consider the Flex-A-Bed Premier Bed.

Choose from hand-built Innerspring, Visco-Memory Foam, or luxury Latex mattresses in sizes twin through dual king. Option your Premier bed with dual wave massage for deep relaxation after a long day. Choose wired or wireless remote controls.

Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low

Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low

Finally, the Flex-A-Bed High-Low model includes the luxury mattress and massage options like the Premier bed. It also raises and lowers in the flat position as well as performing all the other adjustable bed functions. This is really handy for transferring into or out of bed, and elevating for caregiving needs.

So check it out! If you’re looking for a great night’s sleep- take a look at Flex-A Bed!

December 14, 2016

The Ultimate Gift: Give the lasting Gift of Mobility

Looking for the ultimate gift?As we head into the holiday season, many wonder what to get the parent or grandparent who has it all.

If your family is like many of ours, we have aging relatives who could benefit from a mobility device – whether that’s a lift chair, scooter or portable power chair – but have been reluctant to pursue one on his or her own. Why not, then, consider giving your loved one the ultimate gift: the gift of mobility. Continue Reading

December 9, 2016

Prioritizing Pressure Management: Reducing the Risks of Seated Pressure Sores

pressure management

Prioritizing Pressure Management: Reducing the Risks of Seated Pressure Sores

Why would we develop seated pressure sores, anyway? Here’s a simple physiological fact: as humans, our bodies aren’t designed to sit for long periods. As padded as some of our posteriors may seem, nature didn’t intend for them to handle concentrations of seated body weight indefinitely. And, unfortunately, for those of us with mobility impairments, remaining in a seated position for extended periods can lead to a very serious and debilitating condition called decubitus ulcers – more commonly called pressure sores.

Seated pressure sores occur when bony areas rub away at tissue. Many assume that pressure sores occur from the outside, in. however, it’s in fact bony areas pressing or rubbing against tissue, from the inside, out that causes pressure sores. And, this is among the reasons why they’re so dangerous – by the time we see a pressure sore, serious tissue damage has already occurred, often requiring surgery and months of bed rest.

So, as those often seated, how do we prevent pressure sores? This is where individual practices of pressure management come in. Continue Reading

December 6, 2016

Sleep Better-sleeping together!

sleep better

When the Doctor prescribes a hospital bed, many people, especially couples are reluctant. She doesn’t want the “medical look” of a hospital bed in their home. He says they sleep better when they sleep together!

An email from one of our customers:


I hope you won’t think this is silly, but…my wife and I have slept together nearly every night for 30 years. Now due to a medical condition, the doctor is recommending that she sleeps in a hospital bed. We don’t want to sleep apart, and my wife does not want to ruin the décor of our home! Do you have any suggestions that might help us go along with doctor’s orders, but still sleep together as a couple?

Here’s hoping-


Dear Walter,

Of course I don’t think you are silly! Sleeping with your loved one is one of life’s sweet and simple gifts, and why give that up if it’s not absolutely necessary. I’m glad there are options available to you and other couples facing the same situation. Your best choice will ultimately depend on the reason for her doctor’s recommendation of a hospital bed, but let’s discuss three of the most common ones. Continue Reading

November 14, 2016

Spotlight on the new Space saver power lift-recline chair

Looking for a power lift-recline chair but just don’t have the space?

Golden Technologies has the answer in their super plush, brand new Space Saver power lift-recline chair model PR-931.

power lift-recline chair

PR-931 in Sterling

This is exciting news for folks that really want the comfort of an all power recline chair that won’t gobble up your whole room! This chair effortlessly lifts the footrest, glides forward as it reclines back, so it can be placed a mere 4, 5 or 6, inches (depending on the size chair you choose) from the wall and still reach a relaxing recline. Of course the other huge feature of a power lift-recline chair is that they fold up, return to seated and then lift you gently to your feet without effort. Perfect for anyone that has a difficult time getting out of that easy chair without help.

power lift-recline chair

PR-931 in Hazelnut

Super plush fabrics make this power lift recliner soft and welcoming. Offered in 5 standard color choices, you are sure to find one perfect for your personal décor. The double seamed backrest offers great support, and the fully upholstered chaise pad is comfy for your legs since there is no gap between the seat and the footrest. The arms, back and chaise are overstuffed for extra comfort.

The Space saver PR-931 power lift-recline chair has a 350 lb. weight capacity and is also thoughtfully offered in three sizes. Choose from Small, Medium or Large for a perfect fit! The Small, geared for people under 5’3” has a seat that’s just 17’ wide. Choose size Medium to accommodate heights between 5’4” and 5’10”, with a seat width of 20”. For folks 5’11” and over, the size Large has a comfortable seat width of 22.5”.Candycane Heart

While we’re on topic, the holidays are right around the corner!

Why not treat yourself or someone you love with a brand new super comfy power lift-recline chair? Every year SpinLife sees more and more families “chip in” together at holiday time. This year you could give the gift of comfort, safety and increased independence that comes with owning a lift recliner. There’s still time to get an order in for holiday delivery- so call and speak to one of our lift chair specialists now!