August 18, 2016

Baby Boomers revisited: The truth about Zoomers

Senior couple having a coffee in a bar. taking selfie with smart phone


If you are one of the baby boomers – or have a loved one who is – you are not alone, that’s for sure.

Post WWII, 77.3 million Baby boomers, as coined by the New York Post back in the day, were born between 1946 and 1964. In 2016, that places the baby boomer generation between the ages of 52 and 70. Historically, in previous generations, this meant slowing down and retiring. However, for this generation, retiring may not mean slowing down, but simply changing directions! Yes, Boomers are the new Zoomers.

As sociologists have researched, the trait that makes Baby Boomers different than previous generations is that they’ve maintained an indomitable spirit of growth. This traces back to their coming of age in the 1960s, where personal growth became a cultural norm. That same spirit remains with them today, regardless of their age.

From civil rights to physical fitness, Baby Boomers continue to push the envelope, embracing change and growth.

In 2016, when we look at the demographics of which age groups are traveling the most, adopting technology at lightning-fast rates, and are pursuing late-in-life courtships in growing numbers, Boomers and Zoomers top the charts. You might say, you’re more likely to find Boomers texting on their smart phone than having a conversation on a porch swing.

All of this leads to an obvious fact: Boomers are Zoomers. They’re seeking the most active lives possible, still embracing the change and growth they’ve always known. For this reason, we’re seeing amazing advances in consumer products that aren’t geared toward supporting aging gracefully, but aging actively. Zoomers have no intentions of slowing down!

Now, of course age catches up with the body – it’s an inevitable reality. Yet, Zoomers are addressing it differently. If years of aerobic classes have left your knees calling out for mercy, a comfy and stylish Lift Chair is just a phone call away.Baby Boomers PR 756 lift chair


Walking is a great way to keep in shape, but if you wish you had a handy place to sit every once in a while, check out SpinLife’s selection of specialty rollators. There are styles for strolling, hiking, and styles for the golf course, too!

baby boomers Golf walker Features

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Travel scooters allow awesome dream vacations to continue. Sure, you can rent one on your next trip, but save money and buy a sporty little model of your own!

Man and woman baby boomers on travel Mobility Scooters

The next time you are in an airport, and you see a “person of a certain age” fly past you on a power chair, smart phone in hand, remember, that’s not a Boomer – that’s a Zoomer!

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