April 20, 2017

Flex-A-Bed adjustable beds relieve back pain for a great nights sleep

lower back pain

Lying completely flat on your back is uncomfortable if you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer with lower back pain.

In case you are not familiar with them, we’d like to introduce Flex-A-Bed. This manufacturer of luxury adjustable and high-low beds is located in LaFayette, Ga. Flex-A-Bed is one of the few companies who still build each one of their bed frames and mattresses by hand. Flex-A-Beds are proudly made in the USA, just like they were when they were founded in 1969.

All of Flex-A-Beds products are backed by an industry-leading warranty which covers every design feature- even the mattress! Their warranty is even transferable. If you sell or give the bed to someone else, it still remains under warranty.

But why would you want an adjustable bed? Well first of all, for most of us, lying completely flat on a bed strains the muscles of the lower back and is just not comfortable. Secondly there are documented therapeutic values to sleeping in certain positions. Did you know…

  • Sleeping with your head somewhat elevated, and knees slightly bent takes the strain off the lower back and eliminates back pain.
  • Lying down with the head section flat, and the leg section elevated encourages blood flow to the heart and eliminates swelling to the feet and legs.
  • Sleeping with the head of your bed elevated relieves the uncomfortable symptoms of COPD, CHF and acid reflux.

One of Flex-A-Beds most popular styles is called the Value Flex, and as its name implies, it offers a real value price plus superior quality. The Value Flex price includes an innerspring mattress in your choice of firmness, the adjustable bed frame and 4 inch foundation. Whisper-quiet motors and easy to use remote control add to your sleeping experience.

Take a step up in luxury and consider the Flex-A-Bed Premier Bed.

Choose from hand-built Innerspring, Visco-Memory Foam, or luxury Latex mattresses in sizes twin through dual king. Option your Premier bed with dual wave massage for deep relaxation after a long day. Choose wired or wireless remote controls.

Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low

Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low

Finally, the Flex-A-Bed High-Low model includes the luxury mattress and massage options like the Premier bed. It also raises and lowers in the flat position as well as performing all the other adjustable bed functions. This is really handy for transferring into or out of bed, and elevating for caregiving needs.

So check it out! If you’re looking for a great night’s sleep- take a look at Flex-A Bed!

March 30, 2017

Follow These Four Simple Steps to Promote Heart Health

Heart Health Month

Sure, when we think of heart health, aspects like intense cardio workouts come to mind. However, how can those of us with disabilities or conditions, including those of us who are aging, maintain – and even improve – our heart health? It’s easier and more practical than one may think.

Sleeping Your Way to a Healthier Heart

Indeed, increased heart health can be as easy as sleeping. Studies show that sleeping around 7 hours per night reduces calcium in arteries and heart disease. The quality of sleep, matters, too, so if you can get a truly sound 7 hours of sleep, you’re dramatically improving your heart health. Now that’s wonderful news!

View Your Weight Not Just From a Mirror, But From Your Heart

Weight is a physical, mental and emotional battle for many. It also weighs on your heart – literally. Speak with your doctor about your weight, and get a true diagnosis on whether your weight is appropriate. For most who are moderately overweight, losing just 5% can dramatically not only improve heart health, but decrease cholesterol. hypertension, and diabetes. This means for a 5’9” male, who ideally should weigh in the 170 lb. range, at 200 lbs., losing merely 10 pounds has a very positive effect on heart health, according to the American Medical Association.

Fuel Your Heart the Right Way

We often think of how our diet effects areas of our health. However, our hearts are the engines that power our bodies – and they, too, benefit from nutrition. Specifically, an easy way to note what best feeds our hearts are natural foods that grow. In the grocery store, this means staying away from packaged items, and looking toward fruits, vegetables and nuts. Additionally, if you’re out at a restaurant, according to WebMD, skip the steaks and pasta and look to the fish. Salmon, in particular, is rich with omega-3 fatty acids that have an anti-clogging effect, keeping blood flowing optimally to your heart.

E1 370 Series Platform Ergometer

The E1 370 Series Platform Ergometer

Your Heart Likes to Pump

Among the best ways to keep our hearts healthy is by using them beyond a resting state. Put simply, our hearts like when we move and make them work a bit. Exercise is a key to this, but in very liberal terms. Based on disability, condition or age, many have limitations when it comes to “exercise.” However, whatever movement we can do is very advantageous to heart health and getting our vascular system flowing. Specialized exercise machines are available, designed for those of us who are not able to stand to exercise in the ways we traditionally think of. Check out the upper and lower body Ergometers from Endorphin, and available at SpinLife.com . Always consult a physician before attempting any exercise program, but they can range from simple arm movements to as intense as handcycling for wheelchair users. Movement is the key, and it varies by individual.

Heart Health to a Natural Beat

We’ve all seen extremes when it comes to heart health, from triathletes to countless so-called supplements. However, the medical community proves that, regardless of disability, condition or age, there are very practical, everyday steps we can take toward better heart health – right down to how much we sleep, eat and move.

January 31, 2017

Diagnosis: Dementia. Repetitive behavior; Survival Secrets for Caregivers

The dementia epidemic is worldwide

They refer to it as the Dementia Epidemic. As many as 5.2 million people in America are living with this disease.

To review: Dementia is an umbrella term describing a variety conditions that develop when nerve cells in the brain die or no longer function normally. The damages to these nerve cells cause changes in one’s memory, behavior and ability to think clearly

In the next installment in the series, I’d like to discuss a common trait exhibited by individuals diagnosed with dementia: Repetitive behavior. That behavior may be exhibited as an action- like searching for something, changing the channels on the remote, or verbally-like repeating a question, or making the same statement over and over. Continue Reading

January 25, 2017

Who’s Caring for Caregivers?

caring for caregivers

Among those of us in our 40s, 50s and 60s, huge numbers  are called upon to provide caring for aging relatives. More than ever before.

By 2020, for the first time in human history, there will be more individuals over 65 than children under the age of 5.

What this astounding statistic translates to is that for many of us, if we’re not caring for our aging spouses, we’re likely caring for our parents and grandparents. And if we, ourselves, aren’t caregivers, we undoubtedly are close to someone who is. Continue Reading

January 18, 2017

Relieve Pressure Using these Effective Wheelchair Stretches

pressure relief

Stretching and exercise are great ways to relieve pressure issues that come with prolonged sitting. Here are a couple of easy stretches that can be done, every day and without drawing undue attention to the exercise. Each technique can be done independently or with assistance; depending on your strength and balance. Be sure you are in a wheelchair of adequate weight when doing these stretches- for safety’s sake. Continue Reading